plant dye

Plough path

Pieced, dyed, rusted

Partly systematic and partly random, this cloth was part of an assessment last year.  Too hard to find my own words, I liked this from Rebecca Solnit in As Eve Said to the Serpent: On Landscape, Gender, and Art (University of Georgia Press, 2001, p 58)

“the artist as collaborator or midwife for a world that already has meaning and order, rather than an autocratic creator imposing meaning upon an inert, waiting world or making a better one out of nothing.”


Dyepot present

Wool fabric wrapped around a log and dyed in pomegranate.

Lifting a dusty lid I found autumn’s pomegranates, well soaked.  Fortunately the smell wasn’t too terrible.

The resulting colour was dull gold on silk, but wool wrapped around a log with scavenged gum leaves (as learnt from India Flint) appeared ochre and dark grey and reddish purple.